July 2021

How can you make the most of every minute on the doors?

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I had to laugh at a comment made about one of my videos posted on the D2D Millionaire YouTube channel recently. The video was a clip of me interacting with a customer on the doors and added commentary on why I said what I was saying. The viewer basically thought his company would be the primary benefactor of the video, and that I’d given away my entire arsenal of sales secrets.

Well, this is what I do! My purpose for posting videos, updating my blog, and writing 2 books (Door-to-Door Millionaire Series) is so that door-to-door sales reps can replicate what I do on the doors, become super successful, and benefit the door-to-door sales industry as a whole from selling the right way.

If I can leave the industry better than I found it, then I’ve succeeded.

My hope is that everybody knocking doors, selling anything, will utilize the techniques and principles I teach so they can maximize their earning potential and not have to lie, cheat, and steal to do it!

By the way, if you’re wanting to learn some of my biggest secrets to being successful on the doors. My second book, MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next-Level Training, teaches tactics and techniques that NOBODY is talking about! Get your copy today by clicking on the link below:

MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next-Level Training

When I say “Best of luck on the doors!” I really mean it!


March 2021

It’s hard to record an audiobook! In some ways, it’s easier to write a book than it is to read your book out loud.

After launching my second book, MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next-Level Training I started the painstaking process of recording the audiobook. And I’m happy to announce, it should be available in the next few weeks!

Audiobooks are incredibly valuable for authors and readers. I wasn’t even considering recording an audiobook of my first book, Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale, until several readers requested it. But I sure am glad I did! Over the years, door-to-door sales reps have loved listening to my audiobook as they drive to their daily knocking areas, drive out to their summer sales destinations, or listen as they drift off to sleep for the evening.

Despite the challenges that come with recording an audiobook, I’ve never regretted doing it, especially considering sales for the audiobook are now outpacing paperback and Kindle sales combined!┬áIn 2020, despite a slow start, likely due to the pandemic, book sales skyrocketed the last quarter of the year and the audiobook led the way. By the end of last year, 56% of my total book sales were the audiobook version.

Whether audiobooks are your jam or not, get one version or another, or both, and make the most of your door-to-door sale experience. Let the Door-to-Door Millionaire Series be your guide to success.

January 2021

With my newest book, MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire only weeks away from being released, I wanted to break down a few of the strategies and techniques the book will cover that will increase your ability to sell more accounts on the doors.

MORE starts by teaching techniques of how to earn more time while knocking doors including my 3-Door Rule, cutting lawns, maximizing time in between doors, and how to deal with prospects in a rush.

The next chapter deals with beating your competition. Whether it’s direct competitors, selling the same products and services, or indirect competitors, learn the best techniques for switching over customers to your company.

Tactical knocking strategies in Chapter 3 teach how to maximize your selling day by making the most of morning, afternoons, and after dark hours. I also teach my Off the Beaten Path method, and teach the best places to park your car, effective re-knocking strategies, and selling to former customers.

Chapter 4 covers creating a sales-day routine, capitalizing on positive momentum, and becoming a better closer.

Finally, I’ll teach how to choose the best d2d company to work for, if implementing door-to-door sales in your company makes sense, and what the future holds for door-to-door sales.

This book is truly “Next-Level” and will most definitely take your door-to-door sales game to another level!


I’m excited to announce my second book, MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next Level Training! The book is currently in the final stages of editing and will be released in early 2021.
This book will take your door-to-door sales skills to the next level!
This book is filled with door-to-door techniques revolving around time management, switchovers, tactical knocking, and plenty of other tips and tricks on how to be successful knocking doors.
Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale has sold tens of thousands of copies and has been wildly more successful than I ever thought it would be, but MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire takes the door-to-door sales training game to even deeper and more advanced levels!
There is no question that 2021 will be a banner year for door-to-door sales reps who incorporate the tactics and techniques I reveal in MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire!
The book will officially be released on Amazon in early 2021!

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