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Home Service Expert Podcast

Door-to-door sales opportunities are exploding! What used to be relegated to a handful of home service industries, is now being implemented by hundreds of industries from holiday decorations to water softeners.

A couple of months ago I met Tommy Mello, author of Home Service Millionaire and he asked me to be join him on his podcast, The Home Service Expert.  In preparation for the podcast, I began listening to his podcasts (he’s done over 150 of them!) and I have no doubt that home service companies implementing a quality door-to-door sales campaign, will absolutely crush it!

Whether it’s roofing, windows, garage doors, water heaters, HVAC, or plumbing, as home service companies correctly implement a d2d campaign, the sky is the limit for their growth and market share!

The podcast was a lot of fun, have a listen and see if door-t0-door sales is a good move for you!

Click on the image below to view the Facebook Live version of the podcast.

Or, just listen to the podcast by clicking the image below.