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Top 10 Takeaways

You did it! You finished the summer sales season and are likely back to school and normal life.

If this was your first experience in door-to-door sales, what did you think? What were some unexpected surprises and what would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

If you’ve sold before, what did you do this summer that made it better than your previous summers? What did you do that made it worse?

It’s important to self-evaluate your overall experience so you can determine if doing it again makes sense, or if the very thought of doing it again makes you nauseous!

More than the money, hopefully you have several positive takeaways. Below are 10 questions to ask yourself when determining if your summer was a success:

  1. Am I more likely now to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger?
  2. Do I think about how to effectively ask questions, rather than just ask yes/no questions?
  3. Did I meet people who made me a better person?
  4. Did I become a better person?
  5. Am I more capable of dealing with rejection?
  6. Do I take pride in my work?
  7. Has my body language improved?
  8. Am I more willing to do hard things?
  9. Does public speaking freak me out less than it did before the summer?
  10. Did I improve my ability to achieve a goal?

Although most people get into door-to-door sales for the money, there can be so many more ways to define the success of your experience. Hopefully, in the coming years, you will look back at your summer sales experiences as a success, regardless of the number of sales you made.

If you are contemplating summer sales again, visit my websites for more information on how to improve your sales skills.

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