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Lenny is the MASTER at creating door-to-door programs! From scratch, he built a successful direct marketing program for us at A1. We are light years ahead of anybody else in our industry, in part because of our D2D program. We are absolutely crushing it!! Lenny is charismatic as heck and is always willing to go the extra mile. I couldn’t be happier with Lenny’s involvement with my company.

Tommy Mello

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Owner — A1 Garage Door Service

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Avayda is a new pest control company with no experience in selling any kind of pest control door to door. We had Lenny come in and spend two days with our sales teams and since then we have been setting records! My experienced salespeople and rookies are all Lenny clones. I would tell anyone considering building a D2D business to understand that Lenny’s content works and will make you 10x what you spend for their services.

Lane Heggie

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President — Avayda Pest Control

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Lenny is one of the best salespeople I have ever known. He understands sales, and how to close accounts on a different level. He looks at sales as a process, as a skill that can be bettered through study and practice. I have used him to train teams in pest control, telecommunications, and solar. With his help, my rep confidence and production increased. It works!! #getlenny

Jeff Lee

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Co-Owner — Blue Raven Solar

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