September 2019

Updating your company’s sales training material


Remember a few months ago when you were on the doors with that sales rep who had the perfect comeback to a potential customer’s concern, but now you can’t remember what was said?

If you’re like me, throughout the course of a sales season, I learn several ways to improve techniques while interacting with potential customers and by observing other sales reps on the doors.

If you assist in developing your company’s sales training materials, retaining what you learn and incorporating these new ideas and techniques into your existing materials, are vital steps in improving your sales training program.

Below are 3 tips I use when updating and upgrading my company’s sales training materials:


Get in the habit of writing down what you learn. Whether you’re in a sales training meeting, having a conversation with another sales rep, or even on the doors, take time after the experience to make a note of what you learned.


People learn and retain information differently, so be sure to have a variety of sales training materials and methods of delivery. For my company, I’ve developed a written training manual, an online training course with audio and video samples, and I also conduct a series of in-person training events for my sales reps leading up to them knocking their first door.


Don’t wait! When your off-season begins, immediately start the process of updating your sales training materials. What’s worked for me is dedicating a few hours a week for updating. The quicker you begin this process, the more likely you’ll be able to recall the specifics from your notes.

Following these tips will assist in the development of a killer sales training program. Your sales reps deserve THE BEST training materials and it’s up to you to make it happen!

For access to some of my sales training materials, visit:

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