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Top 5: Best Summer Sales Experience in Pest Control

By Lenny Gray

Lenny Gray, Door-to-Door Millionaire

I surveyed nearly 2,000 door-to-door reps (past and present) to find out what companies give their reps the best summer sales experience in the pest control industry.

Reps were asked to rank their summer sales experience on the following categories:

  • Culture
  • Compensation
  • Ethics
  • Incentives
  • Leadership
  • Overall
  • Sales Training
  • Service

The data was compiled by adding up the total scores of each category (on a scale of 1 – 5). Then dividing each category’s total by the total number of participants represented per company.

A minimum of 15 responses was needed for a company to be ranked.

To identify the Top 5, the total score of all category averages was added together.

Based on this method of data collection, the highest possible score a company could receive is 40.

This was not a scientific study. Surveys were only given to reps who subscribe to the D2D Millionaire newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the homepage to subscribe).

I’m certain there are many companies that offer an amazing summer sales experience. Regardless, here are the results of my survey:


Total Score: 38.6

Congrats to Greenix for ranking 1st

The top 3 categories: Culture (4.9) Leadership (4.9) Overall (4.9)

Landon Hart, President of Sales at Greenix had this to say about the Greenix D2D program. “We prioritize people first and are looking to make a positive impact on the youth we hire.”

Landon also mentioned how working with the ownership at Greenix has helped turn him into the person he’s wanted to become. And this is what their leadership team wants for all the reps they hire.

He stated that Greenix works hard to get rid of negativity that typically surrounds the D2D industry. He told me they don’t cut corners or play in the grey area.

“Success is a sure foundation and leadership is more mentorship, we want people at the helm to have others aspire to be like them in terms of goals and morals.”

Greenix also focuses on providing a high-quality service so that reps believe in what they are selling.


The Grit - #2 ranked for best summer sales experience in pest control

Total Score 37.9

Congrats to The Grit for ranking 2nd

Top 3 categories: Culture (4.9) Leadership (4.9) Overall (4.8)

Although not a pest control company, The Grit has been hiring D2D reps to sell pest control accounts since 2020.

Josh Nilsen, Chief Experience Officer, and co-founder at The Grit said this about The Grit summer sales experience. “We strive to do things well and differently. In other companies, leaders are often put first, but with Grit, the people are put first.”

Josh also went on to say that unless you have a strong ethical backbone, nothing else matters and that transparency is a big deal, and they strive to do things the right way.

Speaking of culture, Josh said that it is “EVERYTHING” for them. He said that because of their standardized pay model, everybody has the opportunity to earn what they want.

He advises any rep who is looking at their options for a summer sales position to visit with them and “feel” if it’s different.


Total Score 37.5

Congrats to Vantage for ranking 3rd

Top 3 categories: Culture (4.9) Leadership (4.9) Ethics (4.8)

Tom Karren, CEO at Vantage told me that, “Culture is very important, and it shows by their retaining some of their reps for over 10 years!”

In fact, several of their reps who started when the company was launched in 2010 are still with them!

He credits Vantage’s longevity in the D2D summer sales space as a primary reason why they’ve retained their core leadership which makes them the most consistent and reliable company.

Tom went on to say that their recruiting and sales incentives differentiate them from others because they provide real-time data to instill competitiveness amongst their reps and management.

He also said, “Vantage provides the opportunity for those who prove themselves to become real equity partners as we’ve created a clear path to partnership and want to develop their people into strong leaders.”


Moxie - #4 ranked for best summer sales experience in pest control

Total Score 37.4

Congrats to Moxie for ranking 4th

Top 3 categories: Culture (4.8) Ethics (4.8) Leadership (4.8)

Andrew Moffat, VP of Sales at Moxie states that the culture at Moxie is to, “…live a principled, centered life, striving to be 1% better every day, while simultaneously creating true, financial freedom.”

Andrew says that they make it a point to take care of everyone in their company from customers and technicians to the sales program.

He also said that Moxie offers some unique opportunities because of their “…longevity, being privately funded, career-oriented focus, and transparency from top to bottom.”

Moxie has made it a point to teach its reps to live below their means and invest the rest to build their financial net worth over time.

Andrew says that Moxie “…isn’t the sexiest new company with all the smoke and mirrors, but they provide true data points,” and that “Moxie’s track record speaks for itself.” And if a rep has any questions, they can look historically at the company’s sales averages and attrition numbers directly from the data sheets, not from a fancy presentation, to back that up.


Hawx - #5 ranked for best summer sales experience in pest control

Total Score 37.2

Congrats to Hawx for ranking 5th

Top 3 categories: Overall (4.9) Culture (4.8) Service (4.8)

JK Gleave, CRO at Hawx told me. “Since the beginning here at Hawx we have placed a major focus on building an authentic culture. With a ground floor approach to D2D, we have always wanted to make sure that sales reps never felt that they were just another number, but a part of a family.”

With a focus on creating the best opportunity for sales reps to make sales, Hawx has broken the mold from the D2D pest control industry by investing in traditional pest control service offerings.

JK cited how Hawx has experienced remarkable growth over the past five years. With a staggering 40% increase in its market presence and revenue.

He went on to say. “This remarkable growth is a testament of a commitment to excellence, dedication to customer satisfaction, and our ability to adapt to changing market conditions.”

JK says that “…in a fast-paced D2D industry, people can often lose sight of what they are and who they are becoming. So, a big focus at Hawx is to help people become better by spending quality time with everybody hired.”


A huge thanks to these companies, and others, who provide their D2D reps with an amazing summer sales experience in the pest control industry!

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