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The Best Summer Sales Experience

PrintIf I was considering a summer sales job, here’s why I’d want to work for Rove:

1. Integrity: Rove doesn’t teach sales techniques that will make you question your personal code of ethics. You can sleep well at night knowing that you don’t have to use scare tactics or tell half-truths to sell accounts.

2. Commissions & Rent Bonus: Rove pays ridiculously high commissions for sales reps who service 75 accounts or more. It might be worth noting only 1 sales rep in company history has not service 75 accounts. If Rove hires you and you work hard, you will service at least 75 accounts! Your rent is also paid for when you service 75 accounts. On the contrary, some companies require 100 – 200 serviced accounts to earn the rent bonus.

3. Training: It’s easy for other companies to say they use Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale as their basis for training, however these companies cannot say that I, personally will be in regular communication with their sales reps. Rove sales reps, on the other hand, will be personally trained on-the-doors, in training meetings, by conference calls and responses to texts, emails and phone calls by me on a regular basis. Sure I can read a book by Michael Jordan and learn how to play better basketball, but it’s an entirely different experience if I am able to be on the court with Michael Jordan as he shows me how to be a better basketball player.

4. Product & Company: Just because your family doesn’t use a pest control service doesn’t mean it’s not a need. The pest control industry generates over $12 billion in annual revenue…there is no question that people need, want and purchase pest control services. Rove Pest Control isn’t a start-up company…it’s been around since 2003. In fact, the COO of Rove is a certified entomologist. This isn’t some marketing company you are working for…Rove is a pest control company first! Meaning, the accounts you sell will get the best service for the best price possible.

5. Size: All of the above are possible because of the number of sales reps Rove hires. Rove only hires 30 – 40 sales reps to ensure each rep is given the attention he/she deserves. You will have the best summer sales experience possible at Rove.

6. Life Balance: Rove sales reps work hard but they also have a lot of fun. From taking the company boat out to wake board, waterski and wake surf, to enjoying Twins baseball games and a number of other activities, Minnesota is packed with things to do and experience. These events will make your overall summer sales experience complete.

Rove offers a different flavor of summer sales experience than any other company. If you are hired, you will learn the right way to sell, receive training from the best in the business, and maximize your earnings.

If Rove is the type of company you are interested in working for, please contact us at: