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Rating your door-to-door sales experience

Now that your summer sales experience is quickly ending, here a few questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your overall experience knocking doors:

1. What life skills did I learn that I can apply to my future?

It’s likely you aren’t going to make a career in door-to-door sales. Regardless, knocking doors can offer you the opportunity to hone and refine life skills that will assist you in your future pursuits. These skills can include; negotiation, managing adversity, how to ask the right questions, selling yourself, and leadership. Hopefully you can walk away from your summer sales experience with an improved skill-set that will benefit you in the future.

2. Did my company keep the commitments they promised me during the recruiting process?

Recruiters gonna recruit. The door-to-door sales industry is chock-full of recruiters who over-promise the summer sales experience. If this happened to you, did your company at least come close to what was promised, or were they way off? Did the picture of the summer sales experience your recruiter painted last winter, come close to what your experience was during the summer?  All summer sales experiences aren’t created equally, if you feel as though you were misled by your current company, don’t be afraid to try selling for a different company next summer.

3. If I do it again, how would I approach the experience differently?

There is wisdom in experience, therefore you should use this summer as a launching pad for future experiences in door-to-door sales. Despite the ‘No Regrets’ mantra that is often used in summer sales, we’ve all had regrets when it comes to knocking doors; “I should have stayed out later.” “Why didn’t I work harder?” “I should have knocked one more door.” Learning from past mistakes is the bedrock for improvement. Move forward in a fashion that will allow you to improve during your next go-round.

These are just a few questions to contemplate as you reflect on your time knocking doors, but there are certainly many others you’ll want to ask yourself as you rank your overall experience. The best news is, you’re almost there, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel! When driving or flying home, be sure to celebrate the positive, and commit to improving those things that you could have done better.

Best of luck on the doors!!!

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