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To Knock or Ring? That is the Question.

A sales rep asked me a question recently that I’ve never been asked before. The question was if I preferred knocking on doors or ringing doorbells when selling door to door. He also inquired whether either of these techniques resulted in getting more people to answer their door., lenny gray, d2d millionaire, door-to-door millionaire, door-to-door millionaire secrets of making the sale, door-to-door sales, selling door to door, marketing door to door, door-to-door marketing, sales tips, knock or ring the doorbell, do you knock or ring the doorbell,

I can’t say I’ve thought much about this, but it’s a valid question worth exploring.

When I’m knocking doors, I prefer to firmly knock 4 or 5 times and then listen for any movement inside the house. If I hear something, I’ll wait 15 – 20 seconds before I ring the doorbell. The purpose behind waiting 15 – 20 seconds is to avoid irritating the homeowner. If they come to the door irritated, selling them is more difficult.

After ringing the doorbell I’ll wait another 15 – 20 seconds, and if nobody answers the door at that point I’ll move on to the next house.

If there are no sounds coming from the home after my initial knock, I will cut my wait time in half before ringing the doorbell and then waiting another 8 – 10 seconds before moving on to the next house.

Be attentive after knocking on a door. Look and listen for clues of signs of life. Then, if you get the sense the house is empty, proceed quickly to the next door.

Successful sales reps are great time managers, and wasting unnecessary seconds at each door adds up over time. Maximizing your time on the doors will get you in front of more potential customers, thus increasing your overall sales total.

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