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Job Opportunities

Rove_LogoRove Pest Control is currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time positions. Although you might be secure in your employment, you probably have family and friends who are not. Please review the listings below and spread the word.

Corporate Recruiter: Full time position. $50k salary, bonuses, benefits, monthly expense budget. Corporate Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Fantastic opportunity to work for an ever-growing company.

Part-Time Recruiters: Salary, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Part-Time Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Great position for college students.

Summer Sales Managers: Sales rep override, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Summer Sales Manager’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales team, organizing regular recruiting meetings and managing sales team next summer. One of Rove’s Summer Sales Manager’s earned over $100k this summer!

Summer Sales Rep: Signing bonus, incentives, commissions. Summer Sales Rep’s primary responsibilities include attending preseason training meeting, knocking doors and selling the lights out! Average earnings for a Rove Summer Sales Rep is over $27,000, in under 4 months!

To be considered for any of these positions send me a message at: