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5 Do Nots in Door-to-Door Sales

Knocking doors is tough! You’ll make it even tougher if you’re doing these 5 do nots in door-to-door sales.

Fortunately, with great training and experience, anybody who is willing to knock CAN be successful!

Don't do these things in door-to-door sales!

Follow these guidelines and you’re on your way to sales success!

5 Do Nots in Door to Door

  1. Don’t ask a question to start the conversation! This gives the prospect immediate control. Instead, make a statement, and go right into your initial approach. My favorite starting statement is, “Hey there, I’m just the…”
  2. Don’t make up names to drop! Relevant name drops are powerful! They give you a legitimate reason to be in the potential customer’s neighborhood. Making up names is dishonest and using names the prospect is unlikely to know is ineffective.
  3. Don’t waste time with people who don’t qualify! Spending time with the unsellable is ineffective. People qualify if they ask about pricing, admit to a problem/ you observe a problem, or they already have what you’re selling.
  4. Don’t value build with non-decision makers! If the person you are talking to isn’t the ultimate decision maker, value building wastes your time. And, you’ll likely have to repeat your value build with the decision maker anyways.
  5. Don’t ask yes/no questions to close! “Does that sound good to you?” or “Is this something you’re interested in?” are not effective closes. Use closes that prompt prospects into revealing their concerns. For example, “Would you rather have us service the inside or just the outside?”

Your Guide to D2D Success

These 5 do nots in door-to-door sales just scratch the surface of what you should and shouldn’t be saying on the doors.

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