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What Company Should I Choose Next Summer?

Whether you like it or not, your days of knocking doors this summer are quickly coming to an end. Although you may be telling yourself there is no way you’ll ever knock another door, inevitably the company you work for will encourage you to sign with them for next summer.

So how do you know if you should do it?

I suggest asking yourself these 3 questions before deciding if it’s in your best interest to resign with the same company:

  1. Did the company live up to the promises made during the recruiting process? Were you promised an apartment complex with a swimming pool, only to find out that the swimming pool was being used a skate park? Choose a company that keeps its commitments.
  2. Will the company help you to progress as a sales rep? Sometimes great sales reps work for companies with mediocre sales training. Work for a company that offers quality training to ensure you make improvements from year to year.
  3. What’s your conscience telling you? If you don’t feel good about the sales practices or character of the people at your current company, consider alternative options for next summer.

The good news is nowadays there is no shortage of companies hiring door-to-door sales reps.

You have options…plenty of them.

Find a company that fits you best. Company culture, longevity and leadership are some of the factors you should weigh before determining your best option.

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