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Last month was extraordinary on several fronts. Namely, I received some inspiring messages from around the world regarding Door-to-Door Millionaire.

Absolutely fantastic book. This book is different from the usual sales book, here you can really find tactics and strategies to make money!

– Valerio G., Italy

 …got a copy of your Door2Door Millionaire book. Looking forward to your shared sales expertise.

– Bruno G., France

To keep things in perspective I also received this review:

Outdated material. Door to door is dead in my mind. Good luck but this is a tough business unless you have a really thick skin.

Nothing like a little criticism to keep you grounded.

Last month also marked the 3rd highest selling month of Door-to-Door Millionaire…not bad for November!

I am tremendously appreciative for the support, encouragement and even critique…it’s these things that continue to drive me.

Thank you again for a fantastic month!