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R.I.P. Bill Porter

Earlier this month, Bill Porter, a legendary door-to-door salesman passed away at the age of 81. ABC’s 20/20, the prime time news magazine program, put together a feature story on Bill Porter in the late 90’s that changed my attitude and determination to becoming a successful door-to-door salesman.

The story can be viewed here on YouTube:

My favorite Bill Porter quote in the piece was when he responded to Bob Brown’s statement of dealing with rejection. Bill said, “You realize it’s the job, it doesn’t bother me.” Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had a similar attitude…just because your offerings or ideas aren’t accepted, shouldn’t mean that you become offended or feel that what you have to offer is less significant.

Throughout my years as a door-to-door salesman I would watch this piece as a reminder of how fortunate I was to be knocking doors and providing for my family. No matter how difficult of a day I was having, I would reflect on Bill’s story which served as an inspiration of resolution despite restrictions.

Tom Hallman Jr., The Oregonian reporter who originally wrote Bill’s story, stated so perfectly, “I think all of us want to think we have a little bit of Bill Porter in us. That’s one of Bill’s great features, is he’s a man really unspoiled by the times. This is a man from a different era, working in a world that really didn’t need a man like Bill Porter but what the world needs is not what Bill Porter is selling but Bill Porter himself.”

Thanks Bill…Rest In Peace.