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Review of the Week

I’m humbled by the kind words from fellow door-to-door sales reps.

Adam Smith, a former sales representative from Vivint. recently sent me the following message:

“We’ve never met but I’ve read your book door-to-door millionaire countless times since last summer when I finished as the top rookie sales rep in the office selling security for Vivint. I’m convinced the book was instrumental in my success on the doors last summer. I remember thinking I need to keep my volume at a 7. You’re ideas about creating the Black Friday effect on customers was incredibly successful. I love the way you broke down the pitch and some common misconceptions about door to door sales. You are an amazing sales rep and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I’ve recommended the book to all of our reps and we are going to make it a requirement to read for our reps this summer. That’s the magnitude of influence you’ve had. You should be proud of such a great work.”

Thanks Adam!

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Lenny Gray



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