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Packing for the Summer

Are you about to go and make thousands of dollars this summer knocking doors? The last thing you want to do after a long drive to your summer sales destination is make an emergency trip to the nearest Wal-Mart at 2am and spend a couple hundred bucks on items you should have packed. Worse than that, forgetting to pack some things may in fact stifle your opportunity to make big bucks selling door to door. Being comfortable and prepared will increase your earnings and make your whole experience better. Here are a few essentials you don’t want to overlook.

First, bring appropriate clothing for all types of weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always respect the “summer” in “summer sales.” I’ve literally knocked doors in blizzards in May. Many parts of the country will experience inches of rain, where knocking in the rain is critical to success. Packing a warm jacket, rain resistant wind breaker and an umbrella will be beneficial. I’d recommend a few long sleeve shirts, pants and if the city you are knocking in calls for it, gloves and a beanie. There’s nothing worse than having to quit knocking doors because you’re not dressed properly. Most of the summer will be spent in polo shirts and shorts, but there will be days when you’ll be glad you packed clothing for precipitation and cooler temperatures. Also, make sure you take care of your feet with appropriate footwear. You’ll also want to throw in a can of bug spray and a bottle of sunscreen – you’ll use both.

Second, ask your manager about your summer living arrangements. You will most likely be living in an apartment, and if so I’d highly recommend bringing dishes/silverware, pots/pans, iron/ironing board, bedding, toilet paper, a trash can and a shower curtain. Don’t forget to bring kitchen items you use like toasters and blenders, though microwaves and other appliances are usually there. Packing light is tempting, and you can always get by without some of these things, but believe me, it gets old. You’ll enjoy life more if you are more comfortable, and that will lead to more sales! Of course you can buy all of these things when you arrive at your destination, but that costs you more money, takes more time, and leaves you less comfortable…ever tried showering without a shower curtain? Also, check your route and be prepared with some small bills and change for toll roads.

Here’s to hoping this will help you as you pack; but most importantly, help you to focus on doing your job and being successful…good luck this summer!