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Ready, Set, Launch

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Technically I’ve been writing this book since I started as a door-to-door salesman in 1998. However, I really began organizing my thoughts and ideas last November. For four months straight, six days a week from 6am to 8am and from 10pm to midnight I wrote, re-wrote and edited what is now my finished product:

Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale

Although grueling and frustrating at times, I can look back and appreciate the process and most importantly the final product.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my wife and kids for enduring this process with me. Even though my head was oftentimes stuck in a cloud of door-to-door experiences and sales techniques I was trying to put on paper, they were patient and understanding throughout.

I have found so much joy in teaching others sales and communication techniques that simplify the sales process. It’s thrilling to hear from salespeople after I’ve recently trained them about how a certain phrase or response changes an entire conversation.

What happens next is anybody’s best guess. I never wrote this book with the intention of selling thousands of copies, only with the intention to help struggling salespeople or those who desire to become better communicators.