The door-to-door sales model has proven to accelerate growth in a variety of industries. Some of the fastest growing companies in the world have implemented a door-to-door sales strategy into their business model. Learn how to start your own door-to-door sales program, or improve upon your existing program from the D2D experts.

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The D2D Conference examines the following:

  • Financial Impact of a Door-to-Door Sales Team
  • Recruiting a Team versus Hiring a Recruiter
  • Summer Sales versus Year-Round Door to Door
  • Timeline for Developing a Door-to-Door Program
  • Interviewing and Hiring Door-to-Door Sales Reps
  • Preseason Sales Training
  • Managing a Sales Team (schedule, incentives, motivation, where to knock, etc.)
  • Sales Rep Compensation Plans
  • On-the-Doors Training
  • And Much, Much More

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