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3 Takeaways from the D2D Millionaire Conference

d2d_testimonials_bannerLast month’s D2D Millionaire Conference was well attended by participants from all over the continent. It was enjoyable for me to have such talented and proven individuals in one room to teach and learn from. Several industries were represented all of which have and will continue to succeed as they implement the proven principles of recruiting, hiring, training and managing door-to-door sales teams.

There were several takeaways from the meeting, 3 in particular I will highlight:

#1 – Anything can be sold door to door

A well-trained, managed and dedicated sales team can be successful selling just about anything door to door. I was flattered that all participants had read (some multiple times) my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale and found that the sales principles taught were working superbly for them and their sales teams. In fact, one participant at the conference was using my sales techniques in a business to business setting and was excited to apply them in an e-commerce setting for his party supply store. Regardless the service, product or setting, the understanding and proper use of proven sales techniques is a guaranteed way to increase sales production.

#2 – Door-to-door biases can be overcome

Door-to-door salesmen don’t have the best reputations, thus it’s vital to debunk these biases by being the anti-salesman at each contact. Two of our attendees employed year-round sales teams for the HVAC industry. They mentioned that their sales reps started to notice a big change in how they were being received once they altered their approach and came across as messengers instead of salespeople as taught in Door-to-Door Millionaire. Potential customers will be much more inclined to hear you out if your approach describes how you are simply sharing information their neighbors have deemed valuable.

#3 – It’s not easy running a business

Business owners have to make important and sometimes critical decisions every day. The juggling act of pleasing clients, employees and managing expenses are just a few of these all-important decisions. The fact of the matter is that door-to-door sales have been and will continue to be a means to increase revenue with a limited amount of risk. The challenge becomes how to do it? That’s where the D2D Millionaire Conference and D2D Team come in. We teach business owners and managers how to make door-to-door sales a valuable piece of any company’s landscape.

I wish nothing but the best for those in attendance at January’s conference. I’m encouraged by their passion and desire to take their companies to the next level. If you wish to do the same, please join us for the next D2D Millionaire Conference.