PrintIf I was considering a summer sales job, here’s why I’d want to work for Rove:

1. Integrity: Rove doesn’t teach sales techniques that will make you question your personal code of ethics. You can sleep well at night knowing that you don’t have to use scare tactics or tell half-truths to sell accounts.

2. Commissions & Rent Bonus: Rove pays ridiculously high commissions for sales reps who service 75 accounts or more. It might be worth noting only 1 sales rep in company history has not service 75 accounts. If Rove hires you and you work hard, you will service at least 75 accounts! Your rent is also paid for when you service 75 accounts. On the contrary, some companies require 100 – 200 serviced accounts to earn the rent bonus.

3. Training: It’s easy for other companies to say they use Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale as their basis for training, however these companies cannot say that I, personally will be in regular communication with their sales reps. Rove sales reps, on the other hand, will be personally trained on-the-doors, in training meetings, by conference calls and responses to texts, emails and phone calls by me on a regular basis. Sure I can read a book by Michael Jordan and learn how to play better basketball, but it’s an entirely different experience if I am able to be on the court with Michael Jordan as he shows me how to be a better basketball player.

4. Product & Company: Just because your family doesn’t use a pest control service doesn’t mean it’s not a need. The pest control industry generates over $12 billion in annual revenue…there is no question that people need, want and purchase pest control services. Rove Pest Control isn’t a start-up company…it’s been around since 2003. In fact, the COO of Rove is a certified entomologist. This isn’t some marketing company you are working for…Rove is a pest control company first! Meaning, the accounts you sell will get the best service for the best price possible.

5. Size: All of the above are possible because of the number of sales reps Rove hires. Rove only hires 30 – 40 sales reps to ensure each rep is given the attention he/she deserves. You will have the best summer sales experience possible at Rove.

6. Life Balance: Rove sales reps work hard but they also have a lot of fun. From taking the company boat out to wake board, waterski and wake surf, to enjoying Twins baseball games and a number of other activities, Minnesota is packed with things to do and experience. These events will make your overall summer sales experience complete.

Rove offers a different flavor of summer sales experience than any other company. If you are hired, you will learn the right way to sell, receive training from the best in the business, and maximize your earnings.

If Rove is the type of company you are interested in working for, please contact us at: [email protected]


As you begin ensuring your life is in order so you can put everything on hold and pursue your summer sales job, here are 3 suggestions to consider as you prepare to knock doors:

  1. Take advantage of pre-summer training opportunities. Most summer sales companies offer preseason training. Clear your calendar to participate in these training events. In fact, if you have the chance to knock a few doors before traveling to your area it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so. The more preseason practice you can take part in, whether through role playing or actually knocking doors, the more likely you will get off to a quick start during the selling season. You can read all the sales books you want, but practicing how to sell what you will be selling will prove to be more valuable…unless of course the book you read is Door-to-Door Millionaire 🙂
  2. Set your summer sales goal NOW. Setting a sales goal is more than just coming up with a number or dollar amount that you’ll feel good about earning. You should know exactly what it will take to accomplish your goal in terms of daily, weekly and monthly sales production. Share your goal with your manager or an experienced sales rep to get their feedback on the probability of reaching your goal. But even if they say it can’t be done…work to prove them wrong. My first summer I set a goal of 442 accounts and my manager told me I’d never do it because it had never been done. He didn’t realize that I didn’t just come up with a random number but I knew exactly how many sales I needed to make every day (even down to every hour) and when I ended the summer at 464 accounts I proved that my goal was attainable.
  3. Mentally prepare yourself to suffer through a learning curve. Even the most experienced sales reps need a few days to find their groove. You will be extremely disappointed if you think you will be making the big bucks within  your first few days or even weeks of selling. Be patient and don’t give up…the more doors you knock, the more potential customers you will interact with, the more sales you will make. Door-to-door sales is a process of learning, adapting and practicing. One is not born with natural door-to-door sales talent.

Don’t underestimate adequate preparation before you begin your selling adventures.

Best of luck this summer!

March 2014


I sincerely appreciate the questions and commentary I regularly receive from my blog posts. Recently, Jon K., a pest control door-to-door salesman asked this:

“One of the hardest objections I overcome is when a customer says. “I don’t have any bugs”.  What are some of your win-win comebacks?”

Regardless of the product or service being sold, one of the most basic ‘win-win’ statements that can be made at first contact is that the potential customer already has what you are offering.

For example, if I begin my initial approach by introducing myself as “Lenny with Rove Pest Control and then proceed to say, “I’m sure you already have a pest control service but I was talking with the Johnson family next door and mentioning how several people have been switching over to Rove because of…” I have effectively established a ‘win-win’ statement by presuming the person already has what I’m selling.

If my assumption is correct, the potential customer cannot easily dismiss me by saying, “We already have a service” even though most people still reply in this regard. When they do, I simply say, “Of course, as I mentioned, most people already have a service in this neighborhood but what they are finding out is…”

Contrarily, if the potential customer responds by saying, “Actually, we don’t have a pest control service” you have effectively set the stage to explain why people in the area do subscribe to a pest control service. You might respond, “That’s perfect, I’m glad I stopped by then. The reason a lot of your neighbors are using our services is because…”

Effectively using ‘win-win’ statements gives you the chance to qualify more potential customers which of course gives you the opportunity to make more sales.

For more on ‘win-win’ statements, review Chapter 8 of Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale

Thanks Jon…good luck!


Vantage Super Saturday - Crowd 2

Last month I was invited to speak to a group of 400 anxious door-to-door sales reps (pictured above). An entire theater was packed mostly in anticipation to hear from the keynote speaker, Taysom Hill, the starting quarterback at BYU. Knowing that Taysom would be there and the Super Bowl was only a week away, I prepared a message that compared momentum swings of the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens to the daily momentum swings that effect sales reps.

Specifically I identified 3 aspects of sales that can create positive or negative momentum:

  1. In sales, every day is a new season. Oftentimes you will hear football coaches and players refer to the playoffs as a ‘new season.’ Meaning, if a team makes the playoffs, its regular season record becomes irrelevant. Last year, the Baltimore Ravens lost 4 of its last 5 regular season games which virtually gave them no momentum going into the playoffs. However, the team and coaches reminded themselves that the playoffs started a new season. Similarly, when a sales rep wakes up every morning he/she starts a new season and has 0 sales. The great sales reps go out each day to prove themselves despite any setbacks or successes of previous days. The day before my best selling day I sold 1 account which was far below my daily average of 7. However, I woke up the next morning and started the day with a fresh sense of optimism…it was a new season and my lack of production the day before didn’t matter.
  2. Distractions can be momentum killers. In the 2013 Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens had a 15 point lead and were receiving the ball to start the third quarter. Although halftime can oftentimes thwart momentum, the Ravens returned the second half kickoff for a touchdown, increasing its lead to 22 points. It appeared the San Francisco 49’ers were finished, however, early in the third quarter the power went out in the Superdome which delayed the game for 34 minutes. Once the game resumed, the 49’ers scored 17 unanswered points and only trailed the Ravens by 5 points. The power outage killed the Ravens momentum. In sales it’s easy to get sidetracked by distractions. Phone calls, text messages, or other plans can derail positive momentum. I sold 23 accounts on my best selling day and on 2 occasions during that day I could have chosen to stop my positive momentum. The first door I knocked on I woke up a lady who wasn’t pleased with me being on her doorstep. It would have been easy for me to wait for another hour or so before continuing to knock on the doors of her neighbors, but I proceeded despite the setback. Then, towards the end of the day I called my wife to reschedule our evening plans knowing that if I stopped knocking I would start the next day with 0 sales and no momentum. Make the choice to eliminate the distractions you have control over while you are selling.
  3. Don’t stop positive momentum. In sales, it’s foolish to think you can stop positive momentum during one day and then pick up where you left off the next day. There is no question that the most difficult sale to make each day is the first sale. The second sale is easier to make than was the first sale, the third sale is easier to make than was the second sale, etc. Therefore, when you are making sales and there’s still daylight, don’t stop selling! It would make far more sense to stop selling during those days where sales aren’t being made, versus the days when you are in the zone. Could you imagine if a professional basketball player who was in the zone (making about every shot he takes) decided not to play in the 4th quarter? The same is to be said for sales reps that are having great days and then quit before the day is over. Think back to last year’s Super Bowl, had the power not went out, it’s likely the Baltimore Ravens would have continued to add to their lead and the final score may have looked more like the score of this year’s Super Bowl. When momentum is on your side, don’t stop!

Momentum will be a vital component to your success or lack thereof. Maximize the days when sales seem to come without much effort because these types of days may be few and far between. Make sure to make momentum work in your favor.

January 2014


Last month I received an email from Ty Brown, owner of a successful dog training business and host of Six Figure Dog Business, a weekly radio show on Pet Life Radio. Unbeknownst to me, probably because I don’t own a pet, Pet Life Radio has over 5 million monthly listeners making it the largest pet radio network on the planet.

Having recently spoken to a neighbor whose contracting business is booming because of door-to-door sales, Ty began searching to find an expert on the topic and came across my book. We arranged a phone interview which aired as the 40th episode of his show.

The audio version of this interview can be found here:

Towards the end of the interview, Ty asked me a question that I get asked a lot:

“What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen made by salespeople?”

Being that I’ve observed hundreds of salespeople on the doors, I’ve noticed 3 Common Mistakes that are repeated over and over again. In fact, I witness these mistakes occurring daily by people in everyday conversation as well.

  1. Lack of Energy
  2. Bad Questioning
  3. Not Listening

To be successful as a door-to-door salesperson you have to be interesting. If you think you can interact with potential customers with the same energy level you typically interact with common acquaintances, you will find that sales are difficult to come by. Think of the doorstep as your stage and accept the role of an enthusiastic salesperson. However, on the flip side, be careful not to over-act your part either.

The questions you ask should help you gather information that will simplify the sales process. Asking yes/no questions will not accomplish this objective. Ask questions that will help you to find out more about the potential customer and their situation. Don’t get lazy in your questioning.

When you ask a question, listen intently to the potential customer’s response. Salespeople who develop routines often forget that each person they are attempting to sell is an individual with distinct needs and wants. Good listeners are able to cater the conversation to the person standing in front of them, making the sales process more natural.

Great communicators are passionate about their message, ask intuitive questions and listen intently to their audience. As you make improvements on these common mistakes, you’ll find it easier to have meaningful conversations and make more sales.

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