May 2014


Why do some door-to-door sales reps have a knack for getting the cops called on them while others rarely happen upon law enforcement officials?

Last week a team of 4 door-to-door sales reps began working in the same city and after the first day one of the sales reps prompted a person he spoke with to write a negative review about the company he represented because door-to-door solicitation was prohibited in the city. Then, just a few days later this same sales rep was escorted out of a neighborhood by a police officer after one of his contacts called the police about a solicitor in the area. Conversely, in the same time frame and same area, the other 3 members of the team hadn’t experienced any complaints and in fact, had been consistently making sales.

I was able to observe this team in action and noticed quickly the difference in approaches by the 3 who were making sales versus the 1 who was getting bombarded with bad experiences. Most of the homes in the city were adorned with ‘No Soliciting’ signs which made it blatantly obvious that door-to-door solicitors had worn out the welcome mat of these residents. Thus, it became imperative to come across as a messenger of good news rather than a solicitor of goods.

I was impressed with one of the sales reps who, after introducing himself, name dropping and explaining why he was there, said, “I really like this neighborhood, everybody is so friendly here.” This statement almost forced his contacts to be friendly and join the bandwagon of neighbors who were welcoming him to their homes.

In Chapter 9 of Door-to-Door Millionaire a section titled “No Soliciting Signs” shares 4 suggestions for approaching potential customers in areas where door-to-door solicitation is frowned upon. In fact, sales reps can’t go wrong by using these techniques in any area. These steps are critical in order to lessen the likelihood of irritating residents to the point of them calling the police and/or posting negative reviews about the company you represent.

As I have indicated in my book, “You can be asked to leave a neighborhood several times, but you can only be kicked out once.” By following my suggestions you will come across less of a salesperson and more of a messenger, which in turn will keep you in neighborhoods longer and minimize your encounters with the police.

Happy knocking!



No matter if you are an experienced door-to-door salesperson or are preparing to knock doors for the first time, important door-to-door sales techniques can be learned from a transcendent scene in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

The scene I’m referring to can be viewed here:

It’s easy to notice the contrasting sales styles of Deb and Rex. Deb is overtly timid in her speech, her eye contact is minimal and she gives up quickly when Napoleon offers an objection. Rex on the other hand is loud, maintains constant eye contact and comes across as supremely confident.

Effective door-to-door salespeople fall somewhere between the spectrum of these two styles. Too much confidence can come across as cockiness and too little confidence comes across as weakness. You should be confident in what you are selling and believe that your product or service is capable of helping every person you approach.

Each potential customer you attempt to sell will have objections…therefore it’s critical that you don’t give up once an objection surfaces. Expect objections but handle them as though you’ve heard them over and over again.

Finally, make sure your nonverbal communication is comfortable for the people you are trying to sell. Your eye contact, body position and hand movements should aid the sales process…not hinder it.

One final observation to note about Deb and Rex’s sales approaches is that they both offer discounts for their goods and services. Which, as I have indicated in Door-to-Door Millionaire, is one of the four points of an effective initial approach. For more on effective initial approaches, review Chapter 6, Forty-Five Seconds.

Best of luck in your ‘flippin’ door-to-door adventures!

April 2014


Are you about to go and make thousands of dollars this summer knocking doors? The last thing you want to do after a long drive to your summer sales destination is make an emergency trip to the nearest Wal-Mart at 2am and spend a couple hundred bucks on items you should have packed. Worse than that, forgetting to pack some things may in fact stifle your opportunity to make big bucks selling door to door. Being comfortable and prepared will increase your earnings and make your whole experience better. Here are a few essentials you don’t want to overlook.

First, bring appropriate clothing for all types of weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always respect the “summer” in “summer sales.” I’ve literally knocked doors in blizzards in May. Many parts of the country will experience inches of rain, where knocking in the rain is critical to success. Packing a warm jacket, rain resistant wind breaker and an umbrella will be beneficial. I’d recommend a few long sleeve shirts, pants and if the city you are knocking in calls for it, gloves and a beanie. There’s nothing worse than having to quit knocking doors because you’re not dressed properly. Most of the summer will be spent in polo shirts and shorts, but there will be days when you’ll be glad you packed clothing for precipitation and cooler temperatures. Also, make sure you take care of your feet with appropriate footwear. You’ll also want to throw in a can of bug spray and a bottle of sunscreen – you’ll use both.

Second, ask your manager about your summer living arrangements. You will most likely be living in an apartment, and if so I’d highly recommend bringing dishes/silverware, pots/pans, iron/ironing board, bedding, toilet paper, a trash can and a shower curtain. Don’t forget to bring kitchen items you use like toasters and blenders, though microwaves and other appliances are usually there. Packing light is tempting, and you can always get by without some of these things, but believe me, it gets old. You’ll enjoy life more if you are more comfortable, and that will lead to more sales! Of course you can buy all of these things when you arrive at your destination, but that costs you more money, takes more time, and leaves you less comfortable…ever tried showering without a shower curtain? Also, check your route and be prepared with some small bills and change for toll roads.

Here’s to hoping this will help you as you pack; but most importantly, help you to focus on doing your job and being successful…good luck this summer!


PrintIf I was considering a summer sales job, here’s why I’d want to work for Rove:

1. Integrity: Rove doesn’t teach sales techniques that will make you question your personal code of ethics. You can sleep well at night knowing that you don’t have to use scare tactics or tell half-truths to sell accounts.

2. Commissions & Rent Bonus: Rove pays ridiculously high commissions for sales reps who service 75 accounts or more. It might be worth noting only 1 sales rep in company history has not service 75 accounts. If Rove hires you and you work hard, you will service at least 75 accounts! Your rent is also paid for when you service 75 accounts. On the contrary, some companies require 100 – 200 serviced accounts to earn the rent bonus.

3. Training: It’s easy for other companies to say they use Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale as their basis for training, however these companies cannot say that I, personally will be in regular communication with their sales reps. Rove sales reps, on the other hand, will be personally trained on-the-doors, in training meetings, by conference calls and responses to texts, emails and phone calls by me on a regular basis. Sure I can read a book by Michael Jordan and learn how to play better basketball, but it’s an entirely different experience if I am able to be on the court with Michael Jordan as he shows me how to be a better basketball player.

4. Product & Company: Just because your family doesn’t use a pest control service doesn’t mean it’s not a need. The pest control industry generates over $12 billion in annual revenue…there is no question that people need, want and purchase pest control services. Rove Pest Control isn’t a start-up company…it’s been around since 2003. In fact, the COO of Rove is a certified entomologist. This isn’t some marketing company you are working for…Rove is a pest control company first! Meaning, the accounts you sell will get the best service for the best price possible.

5. Size: All of the above are possible because of the number of sales reps Rove hires. Rove only hires 30 – 40 sales reps to ensure each rep is given the attention he/she deserves. You will have the best summer sales experience possible at Rove.

6. Life Balance: Rove sales reps work hard but they also have a lot of fun. From taking the company boat out to wake board, waterski and wake surf, to enjoying Twins baseball games and a number of other activities, Minnesota is packed with things to do and experience. These events will make your overall summer sales experience complete.

Rove offers a different flavor of summer sales experience than any other company. If you are hired, you will learn the right way to sell, receive training from the best in the business, and maximize your earnings.

If Rove is the type of company you are interested in working for, please contact us at:


As you begin ensuring your life is in order so you can put everything on hold and pursue your summer sales job, here are 3 suggestions to consider as you prepare to knock doors:

  1. Take advantage of pre-summer training opportunities. Most summer sales companies offer preseason training. Clear your calendar to participate in these training events. In fact, if you have the chance to knock a few doors before traveling to your area it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do so. The more preseason practice you can take part in, whether through role playing or actually knocking doors, the more likely you will get off to a quick start during the selling season. You can read all the sales books you want, but practicing how to sell what you will be selling will prove to be more valuable…unless of course the book you read is Door-to-Door Millionaire 🙂
  2. Set your summer sales goal NOW. Setting a sales goal is more than just coming up with a number or dollar amount that you’ll feel good about earning. You should know exactly what it will take to accomplish your goal in terms of daily, weekly and monthly sales production. Share your goal with your manager or an experienced sales rep to get their feedback on the probability of reaching your goal. But even if they say it can’t be done…work to prove them wrong. My first summer I set a goal of 442 accounts and my manager told me I’d never do it because it had never been done. He didn’t realize that I didn’t just come up with a random number but I knew exactly how many sales I needed to make every day (even down to every hour) and when I ended the summer at 464 accounts I proved that my goal was attainable.
  3. Mentally prepare yourself to suffer through a learning curve. Even the most experienced sales reps need a few days to find their groove. You will be extremely disappointed if you think you will be making the big bucks within  your first few days or even weeks of selling. Be patient and don’t give up…the more doors you knock, the more potential customers you will interact with, the more sales you will make. Door-to-door sales is a process of learning, adapting and practicing. One is not born with natural door-to-door sales talent.

Don’t underestimate adequate preparation before you begin your selling adventures.

Best of luck this summer!

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