Mark your calendars! The Annual Door-to-Door Millionaire 2-Day Conference is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, January 22 and 23, 2015.

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Save 70% by registering before December 1, 2014.

The objective of the conference is to teach business owners how to implement a successful door-to-door sales program and ensure their sales team has a rewarding door-to-door experience.

Those in attendance can expect to learn the following:

  • Financial Impact of a Door-to-Door Sales Team
  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Preseason Training
  • Managing a Sales Team (daily schedule, incentives, motivation, etc.)
  • Compensating a Sales Team
  • On-the-Doors Training
  • Area Management
  • And Much, Much More!

See you in January!


August 2014

Rove_LogoRove Pest Control is currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time positions. Although you might be secure in your employment, you probably have family and friends who are not. Please review the listings below and spread the word.

Corporate Recruiter: Full time position. $50k salary, bonuses, benefits, monthly expense budget. Corporate Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Fantastic opportunity to work for an ever-growing company.

Part-Time Recruiters: Salary, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Part-Time Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Great position for college students.

Summer Sales Managers: Sales rep override, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Summer Sales Manager’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales team, organizing regular recruiting meetings and managing sales team next summer. One of Rove’s Summer Sales Manager’s earned over $100k this summer!

Summer Sales Rep: Signing bonus, incentives, commissions. Summer Sales Rep’s primary responsibilities include attending preseason training meeting, knocking doors and selling the lights out! Average earnings for a Rove Summer Sales Rep is over $27,000, in under 4 months!

To be considered for any of these positions send me a message at:

July 2014

LiarDoor-to-door salespeople are aggressive, intimidating and liars! Fair or unfair, this seems to be the sentiment of most homeowners according to this CBC report:

CBC Report on Door-to-Door Salespeople

As noted in my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire, “You do not have to be dishonest to be successful in sales.” Unfortunately, the aggressive, intimidating, dishonest actions of some door-to-door sales reps have shaped this stereotype for the entire industry. So I’m calling out all door-to-door salespeople who use these tactics on the doors to STOP!

Stop lying, being aggressive and trying to steamroll customers. These tactics are not necessary to achieving success and they are not preserving the longevity of the profession either.

Towns, parishes, cities, counties and even states are making it more and more difficult for door-to-door salespeople to do their job by passing laws prohibiting knocking doors at certain times of the day or even knocking doors altogether.

It behooves all door-to-door salespeople and business owners employing door-to-door salespeople to adhere to the laws of the locations they are knocking. As required, ensure sales reps are getting background checks and the necessary licenses to knock doors.

The door-to-door sales industry is too lucrative for businesses and sales reps to have it become overregulated or go away entirely because of those who ignore requirements and/or choose to sell dishonestly.

If you engage in these tactics make the necessary adjustments to eliminate them. From personal experience I can attest to the possibility of being honest, obeying regulations and having success on the doors.

July 2014

MarianoIf you’ve read my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire, you already know I’m not a fan of the New York Yankees…for crying out loud I have a son named Boston! However, I am a fan of greatness and former Yankee pitcher Mariano Rivera was great.

Rivera, born in Panama, served as the Yankees’ closer for 17 seasons and is Major League Baseball’s career leader in saves. For those not familiar with baseball, a closer is the pitcher who specializes in getting the final outs in a close game when his team is leading.

Closers are known to be imposing figures. Facial hair and tattoos typically precede these men before they throw their first pitch. Contrarily, Rivera approached the mound as a clean-shaven, tattoo-less reliever who let his pitches, not his appearance, terrorize batters. He was also known for his composure and reserved demeanor on the field.

Rivera’s ability to compartmentalize his successes and failures impressed a fellow teammate who said, “He’s won and lost some of the biggest games in the history of baseball, and he’s no worse for the wear when he gives up a home run.” Derek Jeter called him the “most mentally tough” teammate with whom he has ever played. Rivera explained his ability to quickly forget bad performances, “Win or lose, you have to forget about it. Right on the spot…the game that you’re going to play tomorrow is not going to be the same game that you just played.”

Whether it’s closing baseball games or sales, being an effective closer is 90% mental. Having the ability to quickly forget negative experiences and give 100% effort at the next sales opportunity is a crucial element to becoming a great closer.

Sales reps are judged on accounts sold and CLOSERS MAKE SALES!

For door-to-door sales reps now is the time to become a closer. There are no more moral victories for getting people close to buying…it’s all about closing sales.

Even though a skinny Panamanian didn’t look the part of a traditional closer, his mental toughness and focus helped him to become the best closer of all-time. Despite your deficiencies and/or lack of production up to this point, you can start today by focusing your efforts on every single door and closing sales. Your success this summer can be realized if you seek to become a killer closer!

June 2014

Clock 3Even the most successful sales reps aren’t capable of buying more time. However, all sales reps can earn time by following a few simple guidelines.

As I’ve observed  hundreds of door-to-door sales reps in the field, I’ve noticed that razor thin margins separate those that sell varying amounts of accounts. I believe these margins have less to do what is being said to potential customers and more to do with how time is managed.

Recently I was on the doors with 2 rookie sales reps from the same office. The first sales rep (let’s call him Enrique) was an average producing sales rep and the second sales rep (let’s call him Lance) was the top producing rookie sales rep on his team. Despite their differences in production, their initial approaches, responses to customer objections and closing language were almost identical.

What separated Enrique and Lance was how they managed their time. Lance was jogging from door to door and cutting across yards, whereas Enrique was methodically walking up and down driveways and across sidewalks.

On average, Lance was spending 1 minute less with each contact finding out if they qualified for his time.

Both sales reps sold an account during my time with them but Enrique took 10 more minutes completing the service agreement. During his sale there were times of awkward silence as well as time wasted performing unnecessary inspections. Lance, on the other hand, kept the conversation moving, efficiently completed the service agreement and effectively solidified the sale.

The time differences in these examples may seem insignificant, however, if viewed over the course of a 16-week summer, the amount of time earned is colossal!

Saving 20 seconds between each door knocked saves 33 minutes a day if 100 doors are knocked. In 96 days (16 weeks), that’s nearly 53 hours earned!

The extra 60 seconds saved when determining if a potential customer qualifies for your time equates to 50 minutes a day if 50 people are spoken to. That’s 80 hours earned in 16 weeks!

And the 10 minutes saved per sale…that equates to earning nearly 17 extra hours for a sales rep that sales 100 accounts.

Adding all of this together is an additional 150 hours of production or nearly 19 more days (for an 8 hour work day) earned over the course of a 16-week summer!

These 3 time-earning techniques just scratch the surface of the various time earning methods that door-to-door sales reps can incorporate into their daily routines. Time can be earned by knocking doors during inclement weather, setting return appointments after dark instead of during primetime, limiting lunch and/or dinner breaks to 30 minutes, and ensuring that at least 1 person is being spoken to for every 3 doors knocked.

Door-to-door sales is in large part a numbers game…talk to more people, make more sales. Earning time gives sales reps the opportunity to speak to more potential customers and as a product of this, more sales will be made.

I believe the Enrique’s of the world can produce just as many sales as the Lance’s if they learn how to earn time instead of burn it. In a sense, an increase in production isn’t always about what is being said, but it’s about how many potential customers it’s being said to.

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