December 2014

Last month was extraordinary on several fronts. Namely, I received some inspiring messages from around the world regarding Door-to-Door Millionaire.

Absolutely fantastic book. This book is different from the usual sales book, here you can really find tactics and strategies to make money!

– Valerio G., Italy

 …got a copy of your Door2Door Millionaire book. Looking forward to your shared sales expertise.

– Bruno G., France

To keep things in perspective I also received this review:

Outdated material. Door to door is dead in my mind. Good luck but this is a tough business unless you have a really thick skin.

Nothing like a little criticism to keep you grounded.

Last month also marked the 3rd highest selling month of Door-to-Door Millionaire…not bad for November!

I am tremendously appreciative for the support, encouragement and even critique…it’s these things that continue to drive me.

Thank you again for a fantastic month!

November 2014

Black FridayUnderstanding Black Friday can help you to become a better salesperson. So much so that the first chapter in my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire is titled, Black Friday.

I thought it would be appropriate to share part of this chapter considering Black Friday is only a few days away…Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving Day, before their turkey is digested and the football games kick off, bargain-thirsty shoppers begin forming lines outside store entrances, with some retailers even opening their doors on Thanksgiving to capture more of the rabid consumers. Quickly the spirit of thanks and appreciation is replaced by threats and altercation.

In 2012, a police report was filed in California against a woman who doused her fellow shoppers with pepper spray in a bid to snag a discounted video game console.

In New York, a thirty-four-year-old Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death after an out-of-control mob of frenzied shoppers smashed through the front doors of the Long Island department store on Black Friday in 2008.

The insanity of Black Friday compelled one first-time shopper to exclaim, “I’ll never forget what I saw. You see sides of people that they themselves didn’t even know existed.”

So what is it that possesses these frenzied consumers to a state of madness and mayhem? Bottom line…they crave the acquisition of the limited supplies of merchandise that retailers offer for a limited time at a discounted price. These three components (limited supply, limited time and discount) create the perfect storm known as Black Friday and when bargain buyers get their hands on these elusive goods, they laud themselves as shopping archaeologists, who very well could have beaten Indian Jones to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon to discover the Holy Grail.

Black Friday is a perfect example of why I’m convinced human nature drives us to attaining the exclusive, winning and saving money. Thus, when communicating with potential customers, sales reps who are able to replicate the spirit of Black Friday will capitalize on the innate desires of mankind.

For this to occur, the following must be expressed. First, there has to be a discount offered that is limited to a certain number of people. This compels the potential customer into buying the product or service before somebody else does.

Second, there has to be a time line given for when the discount expires. The time line can be determined by supply or the time frame that the sales rep will be in the area.

If the potential customer believes they can buy a product or service anytime they want to at the same price that is being offered, they will purchase the item on their terms, not the sales rep’s. Therefore, a line in the sand must be drawn as to the amount of products or services being offered at a discount and the length of time until the discount expires.

Download the rest of Door-to-Door Millionaire on Kindle or buy the paperback on Amazon. Prefer audiobooks? Purchase Door-to-Door Millionaire on Audible.


How-to-ask-a-girl-out-in-high-schoolHaving spent most of the morning with several high school students at Career Day, I’m not surprised that many of them are having a hard time getting dates.

To preface my discussion on effective questioning techniques, I had a male volunteer ask a female volunteer out on a date. After minimal small-talk, the volunteers asked similar questions:

“Do you want to go to the concert with me on Friday?”
“Do you want to go out this Saturday?”
“I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me this weekend?”
And my personal favorite, “We should go out this Saturday…you down?”

Although the female volunteers responded in the affirmative, it’s generally not that easy to secure plans for the weekend.

Most of the time (especially in a sales setting), asking yes/no questions yield the answers we don’t want to hear.

Asking effective find-out questions is a much better way to start the process of getting what you want.

For example, before asking somebody on a date you could ask:

“So what plans do you have this weekend?”
“Have you tried the new Italian restaurant that just opened?”
“When was the last time you saw a good movie?”

Find-out questions such as these allow you to gather valuable information before extending an invitation.

Unfortunately, after asking great find-out questions, most people revert back to a yes/no question as their close. For example:

“Since you don’t have any plans, do you want to go out?”
“Do you want to go try the new restaurant with me?”
“It’s been a while since you’ve been to the movies, how would you like to go see a move with me on Friday?”

A better close would be an assumptive close which I have detailed in Door-to-Door Millionaire. Assumptive closes give your date (or potential client) at least two options to consider, both of which give you a desired result. For example:

“I’d like to take you out this weekend, would you prefer going to a movie or bowling?”
“Let’s hang out on Saturday…would you rather eat at the new Italian restaurant or get some sushi?”
“Should we get dinner before or after the concert on Friday?”

When assuming a close instead of asking for it, you will be much more likely to achieve your desired result. Which in turn, equates to more sales or possibly better, more dates.


Mark your calendars! The Annual Door-to-Door Millionaire 2-Day Conference is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, January 22 and 23, 2015.

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The objective of the conference is to teach business owners how to implement a successful door-to-door sales program and ensure their sales team has a rewarding door-to-door experience.

Those in attendance can expect to learn the following:

  • Financial Impact of a Door-to-Door Sales Team
  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Preseason Training
  • Managing a Sales Team (daily schedule, incentives, motivation, etc.)
  • Compensating a Sales Team
  • On-the-Doors Training
  • Area Management
  • And Much, Much More!

See you in January!


August 2014

Rove_LogoRove Pest Control is currently accepting applications for full-time and part-time positions. Although you might be secure in your employment, you probably have family and friends who are not. Please review the listings below and spread the word.

Corporate Recruiter: Full time position. $50k salary, bonuses, benefits, monthly expense budget. Corporate Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Fantastic opportunity to work for an ever-growing company.

Part-Time Recruiters: Salary, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Part-Time Recruiter’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales reps and organizing regular recruiting meetings. Great position for college students.

Summer Sales Managers: Sales rep override, bonuses, monthly expense budget. Summer Sales Manager’s primary responsibilities include recruiting door-to-door sales team, organizing regular recruiting meetings and managing sales team next summer. One of Rove’s Summer Sales Manager’s earned over $100k this summer!

Summer Sales Rep: Signing bonus, incentives, commissions. Summer Sales Rep’s primary responsibilities include attending preseason training meeting, knocking doors and selling the lights out! Average earnings for a Rove Summer Sales Rep is over $27,000, in under 4 months!

To be considered for any of these positions send me a message at:

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