March 2016


I’m humbled by the kind words from fellow door-to-door sales reps.

Adam Smith, a former sales representative from Vivint. recently sent me the following message:

“We’ve never met but I’ve read your book door-to-door millionaire countless times since last summer when I finished as the top rookie sales rep in the office selling security for Vivint. I’m convinced the book was instrumental in my success on the doors last summer. I remember thinking I need to keep my volume at a 7. You’re ideas about creating the Black Friday effect on customers was incredibly successful. I love the way you broke down the pitch and some common misconceptions about door to door sales. You are an amazing sales rep and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I’ve recommended the book to all of our reps and we are going to make it a requirement to read for our reps this summer. That’s the magnitude of influence you’ve had. You should be proud of such a great work.”

Thanks Adam!

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It’s about that time! College students and door-to-door recruits everywhere are preparing to knock doors and make ridiculous amounts of money this summer.

Having been in the door-to-door game for 18 years, I’ve come to realize there are a few things you should do before knocking that first door:

1. Set a Goal: Not only should you set an overall sales goal but you should also know how many sales you need to make each month, week and day to achieve your goal.

2. Prepare for a Beat Down: Mental preparation for repeated rejection and daily discouragement is a must for door-to-door sales reps. Have the mindset that each rejection just gets you closer to your next sale.

3. Surround yourself with Success: Learn from others who have experienced success on the doors. Sales tactics, techniques and work ethic are just some of the skills you can incorporate into your own sales game.

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Von 2

On August 20, 2013, Von Miller received a six-game suspension from the NFL for violating its drug-abuse policy. This was just four days before the Denver Broncos preseason game versus the St. Louis Rams. My son Boston and I had tickets for this game to celebrate his 7th birthday.

We arrived early to watch players warming up on the field. I observed Von going through drills on the sideline closest to us, but I hesitated to bring this to Boston’s attention knowing that Von was likely focused on the game and not in the mood to interact with fans based on the news of his suspension earlier in the week.

Despite my hesitancy, Boston proudly yelled Von’s name and to my surprise he jogged over to us. Boston was quick to let Von know we were there celebrating his birthday and Von took off his gloves and signed them wishing Boston a happy birthday.

But Von’s offerings didn’t stop there.

After being pulled from the game in the 3rd quarter, Von took the gloves he wore during the game to several of his teammates for their signatures and then brought the gloves to Boston.

This was unreal!

To cap it all off, when the game ended, Von came over to us, took off his cleat, signed it, wished Boston a happy birthday and walked off the field.


I couldn’t believe the generosity of a man who had every reason to have contempt and anger in his heart due to his suspension.

Von Miller is the ultimate story of redemption…from suspension to Super Bowl MVP. But even far more impressive to me is the measurement of somebody’s character when the cards are stacked against them. Von proved he’s not only a champion on the field, but a champion off of it too.

January 2016

Dead Door

Positive or negative, I really appreciate (and sometimes find humorous) the book reviews I’ve received over the years…here are some of my favorites:

Outdated material. Door to door is dead in my mind. Good luck but this is a tough business unless you have a really thick skin.

Dead? Really? Try telling that to Alterra Pest Control which employs hundreds of door-to-door sales reps. Alterra recently sold to Terminix for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million!

It also seems like that Vivint company is still doing alright. Vivint Solar was recently acquired by SunEdison for over $2 billion! And if you didn’t know, Vivint employs thousands of direct to consumer sales representatives.

How about these next two reviews…talk about your contradictory viewpoints:

Great sales book for the good sales person.
Not for the newbie in my opinion.
For everyone else, it’s a must listen.

Great book for beginners if you have any kind of sales skills or have done sales more than 5 years probably not a lot to help in my opinion.

So it’s not for newbies, but great for beginners…hmmm. I guess you’ll just have to read it and formulate your own opinion.

But I would argue with thousands of copies sold and hundreds of D2D Millionaire clients, there must be something to this door-to-door sales thing…it can’t be completely dead, can it?

The only thing I know for certain is that my  mom isn’t the only one buying copies anymore!

January 2016

Publishing a book is a strange thing. Compiling my experiences of closed door after closed door, and sales rep after sales rep was no small task. And let’s be honest, unless you are writing a series of books about werewolves or wizards, the ROI is minimal at best.

But my original goal for writing Door-to-Door Millionaire was to put all of those experiences behind me. This book was supposed to be my farewell to an industry I’d embraced for 16 years. However, the book did the exact opposite. I’ve been thrust into the world of door-to-door sales like I’d never been before.

Now my goals surrounding the book are focused on teaching business owners and managers how to create successful door-to-door sales programs founded upon ethical sales principles…and I’m having a blast doing it!

A couple of years ago we held our first D2D Millionaire Conference and just this week I received an email from one of the attendees…a pest control owner from Texas who wrote:

I have a full time rep pulling in 3 or 4 a day currently. He just finished the book so we’ll need more material soon. And he has 3 people we’re going to start training so we’ll be asking for some conference calls soon! 

Jan. 2013 we got 4 new sells. 2014 was 9. 2015 was 19 and we should hit 50 to 60 this January!

I have no doubt that our clients will continue to grow their businesses as they implement the D2D Millionaire program.

Even if you already have a door-to-door sales program, I can make it better! And if you don’t…let me show you how it’s done.

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